Business Decision Management

Business Transformation

  • Powering the SAP® Operational Excellence Transformation


    “The Signavio Business Transformation Suite: Velocity Edition is enabling our transformation globally." To support SAP’s new digital strategies, the market leader in enterprise application is rolling out Signavio Collaboration Hub to its 90,000 employees worldwide! With global transformation, exclusive 4D modeling initiatives, and S/4HANA adoption, discover why SAP® considers Signavio a partner to "drive operational excellence". Fast, just got faster!

Process Mining

  • Brochure: Process Intelligence - The smart way to let your data tell the story


    Learn how Signavio Process Intelligence harnesses the power of process mining to provide your company with actionable insights, allowing you to make smarter decisions, faster.

  • Signavio Process Intelligence Product Information


    Signavio Process Intelligence uses real data to continually improve your processes. Find out more about how the solution works and what it can show you about your real processes, here.

  • From Business Intelligence to Process Intelligence


    In the past, many organizations saw business intelligence as the best way to adapt to a changing world. Now, forward-thinking organizations see the need for a tool that can ensure they know exactly how their business processes operate, and where the opportunities for improvement lie. Process intelligence is the next evolutionary step, providing the critical technology to answer questions that cannot be answered with business intelligence tools.

  • Quick Guide: Process Intelligence


    Does your data tell a story? With Signavio Process Intelligence, you can take the data that already exists in your organization and turn it into valuable insights. How are your processes actually running? Where can they be improved? What next steps should you take? Check out our Quick Guide to learn more and see how you can start your organization on the path to process intelligence.

Product Information

  • Best Practices: QuickModel – Creating BPMN 2.0 diagrams has never been easier


    QuickModel is a professional feature especially suited for people that are rarely working with processes. Using this functionality, they can add their knowledge and expertise to the business processes.

  • Features Overview Signavio Products


    The feature overview of the Signavio products describes the functionality of the Signavio Business Transformation Suite. Questions? Please call us on +49 30 856 21 54-0 or send us an email to

  • Signavio Business Transformation Suite Product Brochure


    Learn what products are included in Signavio Business Transformation Suite and how their features work together to help you achieve your business transformation. This brochure provides information on Collaboration Hub, Process Manager, Workflow Accelerator, and Process Intelligence.

  • Signavio Collaboration Hub: The Smarter Way to Work Together


    Discover Signavio Collaboration Hub, an open and engaging central digital meeting place where users share process-related knowledge. It allows any organization to create a single source of truth, where the most recent version of every policy, procedure, and process can be stored, and more importantly, accessed by all employees. Learn how Signavio Collaboration Hub empowers digital transformation efforts by supporting process transparency and visibility by breaking down silos.

  • Signavio Process Manager Product Brochure


    The most important functionalities of the Signavio Process Manager are described in this brochure. Learn all about QuickModel, the Collaboration Hub, the Share Point connection and many other topics.

Workflow Management

  • Signavio Workflow Accelerator Brochure


    Download the complete product brochure of  Signavio Workflow Accelerator and find out about core functions to establish professional workflow automation and process management in your organization.