Establishing a BPM Roundtrip

Once you’ve modeled your processes using Signavio Process Manager, the next step is putting them in action throughout your organization. To make sure your optimized processes truly make an impact, they need to be translated into an executable workflow. With Signavio, this vital link is made easy within a single platform.

Business Process Automation and BPMN Roundtrip

Signavio Workflow Accelerator, our intuitive, no-code workflow solution, interfaces seamlessly with Signavio Process Manager to enable automation and roundtripping. Automating tasks can:

  • Ensure work is consistently and accurately carried out according to best practice & procedures
  • Reduce time spent on frustrating repetitive tasks
  • Free up employees to concentrate on value-adding projects

Signavio Workflow Accelerator features pre-built integrations with some of the most popular Cloud applications around, from Salesforce to Google Drive. Whatever your organization relies on for its daily tasks, Signavio Workflow Accelerator is there to help automate and make operations more efficient.

Plus, because the Signavio modeling and execution engines are on a single platform, users can see the effect of planned process alterations on real workflows. There is no guessing about whose day-to-day work will change or how roles may have shifted. Simply, no solution makes it easier to not just model your processes but to continually improve and implement them.

You can begin transforming your operations today! Sign-up here for a free 30-day trial of Signavio Business Transformation Suite.