Enterprise Architecture Management

Many organizations deal with a large number of IT systems every day.

Surviving in Complex IT landscapes with Enterprise Architecture Management


Organizations are faced with challenges such as:

  • Aligning business processes with IT systems
  • Building the bridge between IT and business departments
  • Managing dependencies between company data and IT infrastructure
  • Managing the relationship among different IT systems used within the organization
  • Identifying relationships and connections existing between hardware solutions.

Enterprise Architecture Management and Business Process Management - A Combination for Success

Implementing Enterprise Architecture Management is vital to survival in such complex IT landscapes. Combining Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture Management provides you an ideal basis to understand:

  • Which IT systems are in use and where?
  • Which business processes relate to which IT systems?
  • Who is responsible for which IT systems?
  • How well are privacy protection requirements upheld?
  • Which server is each application run on?

Leveraging business processes for your Enterprise Architecture initiative puts business and IT together in focus. Both can contribute to creating a better understanding using a common approach. The synergy created from joining EA & BPM effectively adds immediate value by driving positive changes company-wide. Check out our free whitepaper for more information about the successful combination of Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management.

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