Business Process Management: a winning strategy

Business Process Management is crucial for determining the success of a company. When processes run efficiently, costs are reduced, the time needed to complete tasks is significantly shortened and all employees are aware of which tasks they have to complete and when. All of which has a positive effect on an organization’s turnover.

But in practice, in many companies, Business Process Management really doesn’t function smoothly. Process knowledge is usually documented using Excel or Visio, with information also being passed on verbally or on request.

In contrast to structured Business Process Management, this kind of approach often leads to chaos. But with the right kind of BPM software it’s very easy to outline business processes efficiently.

Business Process Management with Signavio

The idea behind SAP Signavio Process Manager also turned out to be the biggest challenge the company encountered whilst developing the product. The founders’ aim was to create innovative Business Process Management software, through which businesses would be able to incorporate all employees as well as external business partners; turning BPM into a collaborative task.

Our philosophy here at Signavio is that operations can only be correctly managed and improved if everyone’s knowledge is on-hand. As Europe’s first entirely web-based BPM software program, SAP Signavio Process Manager has managed to meet all of the demanding requirements involved in creating a collaborative workspace platform.

Social Networking and Business Process Management: a cunning combination

Unlike any other type of software, the SAP Signavio Process Manager combines professional Business Process Management with the benefits of social networking. For a long time creating documents together and sharing business knowledge has worked well using Web 2.0. However, the SAP Signavio Process Manager was the first software to come on the market that offered this

for business process management, thus making social BPM that’s also easy to manage, possible. With Signavio, all businesses and all employees are able to document, share and collaboratively edit business processes regardless of whether they’re a complete beginner or a BPM professional.

Shape your Business Process Management initiative together - here’s how it works:

Have your employees never worked with Business Process Management software before? No problem! The modeling standard BPMN 2.0 makes intuitive process recording possible. What’s more, even beginners are able to manage business process management using the table-based QuickModel; whilst a simple table is made up, the QuickModel simultaneously provides you with a graphical view. You are able to switch between these two different views as needed. In order to make it even easier to communicate about processes, Signavio has developed an innovative comments function. Once a diagram is approved in the Process Portal, employees in each separate

department are able to ask questions, comment on what they have noticed about certain process steps and even invite other colleagues to comment. The people concerned then immediately receive a personalized link via email and are able to view the diagram with just one click. Everyone is capable of making a worthwhile contribution to Business Process Management. There is a comprehensive range of functions available to use in the SAP Signavio Process Manager. To gain a more substantial impression of the product, why not register for our trial version and try out free collaborative Business Process Management for yourself - pay nothing for 30 days!