A BPM Tool to Meet Your Needs

Whether you are a process Black Belt, or just starting out with implementing a BPM initiative in your company, a BPM tool is a powerful partner for documenting and analyzing your business processes.

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Must-have features of an ideal BPM tool are:

  • Flexibility - an ideal BPM tool meets your business where you are on your BPM journey
  • Scalability - an ideal BPM tool scales and grows with you as your business and process maturity grows.
  • Transparency - an ideal BPM tool makes relationships and dependencies clearer, and removes unnecessary complexity.

BPM tools provide value to your business by forming the basis of continuous process improvement projects, enabling your business to more reliably manage costs, risk, and resources, enabling transformation projects, and facilitating communication across your operations.

BPM tool benefits for:

  • Your People - ensure your people have the right information at the right time, reduce organizational silos so every person in your organization is informed and empowered to do their work well.
  • Your Technology - align IT and business seamlessly to ensure technology architecture and business objectives harmonize to get the most out of your IT investments. Make your business a well-oiled machine.
  • Your Business Processes - model (document), analyze, and optimize the way your organization does work and creates value, while identifying latent opportunities for innovation and revenue generation.

Collaborative BPM tool

Signavio’s cloud-based, collaborative BPM tool does more than meet you where you are - we anticipate and support you to where you want to be.

QuickModel – The BPM tool for beginners

Your business processes are living documents, not a relic to be locked away in a dusty folder. QuickModel enables everybody to get involved with process modeling, regardless of expertise. Involving the real process experts - the people actually carrying out the work - means greater employee engagement, easier change management processes, and living processes validated and created by your most valuable resource - your people. Organizational knowledge is your greatest business asset -  make the most of it with Signavio’s collaborative BPM tool.

A BPM tool for the entire organization

Signavio’s BPM tool may be easy to use, but it has Enterprise-class functionality under the hood. Suitable for beginners, but a boon for experts, once a basic process has been documented with QuickModel Analysts can begin optimizing for success. Signavio’s Collaboration Hub (repository) becomes a ‘single source of truth’ for how work is carried out in your business - important for all organizational scales, but especially those with large geographical and cultural footprints. Instantly share processes and process updates, request collaboration, and manage feedback for agility, compliance, and consistency, no matter the size of your business, or how dispersed your operations.

Cloud-based BPM software or self-hosted solution

SaaS/Cloud or on-premise - with Signavio the choice is yours. As Europe’s first entirely web-based BPM tool, Signavio has devoted thousands of hours of development resource to bringing you the most seamless, intuitive, and collaborative business process management experience in the world.

With SaaS, use the tool from any computer or device, anytime - all you need is an internet connection and browser. Businesses with strict regulatory and privacy concerns can also get the full benefits of Signavio on their own servers, with easy installation and regular updates.

Ready to see how easy BPM can be? Take Signavio for a spin, with our free 30 days trial, or get in touch to chat to one of the team.

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