Banking|Open New Customer Account

Create a new customer bank account for a retail bank.

Process goal

Create a new customer bank account for a retail bank.


Retail banking handles many high volume processes by standardising and optimising them, especially customer contact processes. Customer contact starts with opening a new account.

This on-boarding business process has parallels in other service industries. A similar ‘new customer account’ process might apply to insurance products, local utilities or telecoms. In each case, a customer applies for the service and receives either a rejection, or a confirmation as well as (optionally) a ‘starter pack’.


Form - a completed customer application. The bank employee may use this information or additional documentation to reject the application.


This process consists of a series of checks, followed by tasks to set-up a new account, if the bank employee approved the customer’s request for a new account.

This structure makes this process similar to other approval processes, including the rejection notification tasks. If the bank employee accepts the application, then the bank allocates a new account number and then performs a several account set-up tasks in parallel.


Bank employee - responsible for the whole account creation process.


The process starts with initial information from the customer:

  • Customer name (Text, mandatory)
  • Address (Text, mandatory)
  • Date of birth (Date, mandatory)
  • Contact e-mail (Email address, mandatory)
  • Supporting documentation (File, multiple values) - additional documents, such as proof of address, which the process might specify individually.

The process later adds further information, including:

  • Account number (Number) - created for the new account.


A real retail bank’s workflow for creating a new customer account would include more tasks than this. In practice, back-office systems would automate many of the tasks, which means that the real complexity in this process comes from integrating with these existing systems.

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