The banking sector is continually evolving, with new digital players revolutionizing classic banking services. These disruptive business models, along with the introduction of new regulations and IT transformations, are forcing industry insiders to shift their strategy for increased value and extended customer loyalty.

Future-proof your financial organization with Signavio

Signavio products can help banks and financial institutions get the most out of their processes, reduce costs, optimize performance, and safeguard their competitive advantage.

With Signavio, you can ensure consistent business rules and can bring your innovations to the market faster than ever. No other software solution combines process and decision management with advanced process mining capabilities and customer journey modeling.

You can discover the real potential of processes yourself, with the help of a cloud-based solution that combines process modeling with automation and analysis. Benefit from real-time insights and compliance checks for your ongoing business. Put simply, Signavio helps future-proof your financial institution.

Signavio offers the ideal management tool for banks and financial institutions, with a proven company 123% ROI, according to the latest Forrester Total Economic Impact report.

Signavio for banks: many use cases, one software solution

At Signavio, we understand the pressures banks are facing. No matter what challenge you need to deal with, Signavio has the technology to help.

Supercharge Your Risk & Compliance

Your top priority is keeping the regulators happy, and making sure your risk and compliance framework is of the highest standard. With Signavio, you can make quick and easy real-time compliance checks based on your own data. By comparing the way a process should run, to the way it actually runs, compliance violations can be detected and the appropriate action taken immediately. You can even automate your reporting obligations, making complex manual reporting a thing of the past.

7 Step Guide to Risk & Compliance

Understand Your Customers

Customer expectations are changing; banking needs to be seamlessly integrated into their everyday lives. Use customer journey mapping to put customer perspectives at the heart of your operations, identify customer contact points, and understand exactly how customers experience your business, then use these insights to enhance customer satisfaction. Build and maintain your customers’ loyalty, and use this to fend off the challenge posed by digital disruptors!

What is a Customer Journey Map and Why Do You Need One?

Build Your Resilience Plan


Under pressure from new digital players and fintechs, banks and other institutions also face the challenges that come with being one of the most heavily-regulated industries in the world.

The Signavio Business Transformation Suite gives you the tools to improve the end-to-end transparency of your entire business process framework, so you can stay agile in a changing world. Get rid of legacy systems, harmonize operations and business decisions across different departments and business functions, and start saving time and money today.

7 Step Guide to ERP Transformation

7 Step Guide to Operational Excellence

Future-focused banks use Signavio for their business transformation

To develop products and services that integrate perfectly into customers’ daily lives, financial institutions must start at the core of their business: the process. You need a flexible software solution that enables consistent process and decision implementation while better understanding your customer expectations.

Our extensive list of resources at the bottom of this page provide practical insights, and will help you thrive in an environment of strong, international disruption and competition.

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