Signavio Business Transformation Suite helps banks to fully optimize their business processes, enabling them to greatly improve customer service and satisfaction. By looking inward, banks can get a clear picture of their operations, discovering areas of potential improvement, risk and more. It all starts with the Process Manager, our best-in-class Business Process Management (BPM) tool.

Signavio Process Manager enables you to:

  • Model currents processes (i.e. new customer onboarding or loan processing) and discover a more efficient way of operating.
  • Create organizational buy-in for any changes by empowering all stakeholders to share their unique knowledge.
  • React quickly to frequent regulatory shifts changing business requirements

Most importantly, Signavio Process Manager features a natural integration with Signavio Business Transformation Suite. The Process Manager extension helps banks turn complex financial regulation into understandable, actionable models for all affected employees and systems.

Imagine being able to take a massive, disruptive set of laws and define exactly how it affects every operational decision made within your organization.

You could then see what business processes must be altered in order to avoid costly compliance violations. In the past, these kinds of adjustments could take years to enact across a banking enterprise. With Signavio Process Manager and Decision Management Notation (DMN), however, you can make changes continually and immediately notify affected parties, creating an environment for compliant process excellence.

The Signavio Process Manager represents a powerful tool on the market for banking process management. Users can simply model their current processes to identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies, simulating test cases to find new and better ways of doing business. Using Signavio’s collaborative BPM functionality, banks can make sure changes stick by engaging business users in the design process. Further, Signavio ties processes to the decisions that drive them, giving employees the tools to make the right choice at every critical turning point. This is what business transformation software is all about.

Get started transforming your banking operations today! If you’d like to learn more or schedule a product demo, please get in touch with us at And if you want to test the Signavio Business Transformation Suite out for yourself, simply sign-up for a free 30-day trial.