Workflow E-Learning from the comfort of your own home

Learn how to model process and decision diagrams! Our experienced trainers can get you up to speed in only a few weeks.

Signavio’s E-Learning offer gives you the opportunity to take part in a Workflow training course wherever and whenever you like - with a certificate confirming your successful participation at the end! You will not only benefit from sound and flexible training, you’ll also receive recognition of the skills you gained.

Who is our E-Learning course aimed at?

Everyone who’d like to learn more about approaching Workflow from a practical standpoint. We’re particularly focused on beginners, whether you’re a:

  • quality manager
  • prospective process modeler
  • departmental expert, or
  • team leader

Workflow is relevant in all aspects of your organization and everyone is welcome to benefit from our courses.

What can I expect?

Generally speaking, the courses take only a few weeks. Aside from the deadlines given for practice exercises, you choose your own time commitment. We use the peer-review learning model, meaning you have the opportunity to learn and collaborate with your course peers. This is a tried and true method to ensure that what you’ve learned really sticks!

What does the course content look like?

You can gain an overview on our E-Learning Platform, Mooc.House. During the course, questions such as “how do I model in a standardized way?” or “Why and how should I use the dictionary?” or “Which types of attributes are there?” are answered and discussed.

What can you gain from participating?

  • The guidance of experienced Workflow trainers
  • feedback on your performance
  • A certificate confirming your successful participation in the course
  • The chance to use Signavio, one of the most modern Workflow software systems on the market. Signavio sets itself apart through its collaborative approach to process design and its intuitive usability
  • Saving the best till last: Our E-learning courses are totally free

When are the next E-Learning courses taking place?

Would you like to take part in the next course and learn how to model business processes from the comfort of your own home? Register now for one of our E-Learning course by clicking on the date that works for you! You can read more about the course content and book your place on the MoocHouse website.

We'd love to have you on board!