Change Management & Creative Services

Training & Consulting Services can offer your organization not only the tools needed to deploy SAP Signavio products, but also the creative expertise needed to help staff and management understand, visualize, and communicate why SAP Signavio is uniquely important to them.

Change Management & Creative Services - Man with a notebook and 8 arms

Get the crowd on your side

We can provide bespoke video and design services to help customers create visual and engaging content that communicates the “whys” and “hows” behind your SAP Signavio initiative, as well as Navigation Map advisory and design services that helps customers develop and create a unique entry point for their process landscape.

At the same time, Training & Consulting Services can organize and run communication and rollout advisory workshops, with supporting content and resources, with a focus on best practices and planning for long-term success. (This is in addition to the customized and on-demand training sessions already available through our training options, each of which can be created within and around your organization’s specific process content and use cases.)

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