SAP SE’s customers comprise 99 of the 100 largest companies on the planet, together generating 87% of total global commerce and managing some of the world’s most mission-critical processes. SAP’s support teams are on hand to help safeguard these processes. To do their jobs effectively, they must operate as quickly and efficiently as possible and be available 24x7 to turn every customer into a fierce promoter of SAP.

This experience was hindered by a patchwork of different processes, portals, tools, and terminologies across different solutions, however. Customers that rely on SAP solutions to help them integrate their IT landscapes sometimes found this consistency lacking when it came to resolving issues. SAP needed to find out how customers were experiencing its support services, what needed to change, and how it could achieve this.

Using process mining to harmonize and improve customer support offerings with SAP Signavio solutions

Before: Challenges and opportunities 

  • Unify fragmented customer support portals, processes, and tools to enable a better experience
  • Combine process mining data with customer experience data and customer feedback to identify support bottlenecks and inefficiencies and concrete ways to remedy them


  • SAP Signavio Journey Modeler solution, incorporating concepts such as adoption, heat maps, maturity assessments, process hierarchies, and process performance indicators to help identify silos
  • SAP Signavio Process Manager solution, helping model new support processes
  • SAP Signavio Process Intelligence solution, mining the business process management foundation to deliver insights on the best way to offer a smooth and consistent support experience
  • Ability to feed data from different sources into one “data-agnostic” process mining model

After: Value-driven results

  • Enhanced customer service by replacing multiple support platforms with one redesigned portal that directs customers to new and improved tools and processes
  • Reduced issue resolution times by modifying processes that caused customers to be redirected to different support teams and making it easier for customers to self-serve using AI-powered tools

“Process mining using SAP Signavio solutions enabled us to analyze data from tens of thousands of customers and make data-driven decisions based on millions of customer support sessions. This was a game changer that helped us reinvent our support experience.”

Christian Hauschild, Head of Customer Support Processes and Projects,
IE CIS Support Experience Process and Innovation Office, SAP SE