Revenue NSW: Taking Control of Change with a Knowledge Warehouse

Revenue NSW is an Australian government agency responsible for revenue collection, grant administration, and debt recovery, whose revenue helps fund essential community services. To provide the citizens of New South Wales with the best possible services and experiences, the organization wanted to move away from disparate, flat modeling tools to a single, cloud-based platform for business process management.

To steer successfully through this digital transformation, Revenue NSW sought a unique approach by designing a “product knowledge warehouse” to take control of change and selecting elements for it that have a particular focus on the customer experience.

“SAP Signavio solutions enabled our enterprise to have mature, process-centric, and knowledge-led business operations.”

Nikkam Nanda, Manager Business Excellence, Revenue NSW

Implementing a Single Business Process Transformation Platform with SAP® Signavio® Solutions

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Move from disparate, flat modeling tools lacking governance, standards, and quality assurance to a platform that could support processes and be a product knowledge base
  • Create a single source of truth with connected and collaborative process modeling and process intelligence capabilities
  • Reframe business processes as organizational assets by shifting from a people-driven to process- driven mindset and from traditional two-dimensional maps to multidimensional models


  • SAP® Signavio® solutions for a comprehensive offering, enabling the organization to support the entire business process management lifecycle and knowledge base with a single tool and with straight- forward setup and onboarding processes
  • Cloud-based model aligned to the organization’s cloud-first strategy and providing the ability for multiple people to access processes from anywhere with ease

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Documented and analyzed more than 1,800 (90%) business processes across all major product lines
  • Identified more than 300 process improvement opportunities that can deliver multimillion-dollar benefits
  • Saved 31,009 hours from using process documents across the business in the first year
  • Supported reduction in possible phishing and cyber crime by using SAP Signavio solutions to identify e-mails being sent from individual versus corporate addresses

“With SAP Signavio, we can explain behaviors by understanding complexities and the impact of internal or external changes. This makes transformation possible and allows us to remain ahead of the change curve.”

Nikkam Nanda, Manager Business Excellence, Revenue NSW

Giving Views of the Business to Help DecisionMakers Understand and Adapt to Change

To help Revenue NSW manage the complexity of processes and the run and change cycles of its business, it implemented a product knowledge warehouse with SAP® Signavio® solutions. Based on a new metamodel around process design, it modeled products, processes, and services. This enabled a far greater understanding of the state of business at any given time, including hidden process interdependencies that impact service delivery.

In designing the warehouse, it chose elements such as risk, availability of data, and impact that focused on customer experiences. By creating software to integrate many data sources with the SAP Signavio Process Manager solution dictionaries, processes can be modeled as prescribed by the metamodel and modeling standards. The organization can pick up changes that are integrated with the dictionaries and help ensure that all models reflect those changes, bringing about robust process governance.

Revenue NSW is starting to use the SAP Signavio Journey Modeler solution to connect customers’ expectations and experiences with operational processes to improve the customer experience. And it hopes to build on the successful process mining pilot with the SAP Signavio Process Intelligence solution to drive continuous process improvement in critical areas.

Featured Solutions and Services

Revenue NSW employed the following solutions from the SAP® Signavio® portfolio to help manage the complexity of its business processes: