With 4.5 million members and 8.2 million insurance policies under contract, the Matmut Group is a major player in the French insurance market. It offers everyone – individuals, professionals, companies, associations – a full range of insurance products, from people and goods to financial and savings services.

In a constant search for quality, simplification, and innovation for the benefit of its members and employees, Matmut is improving its performance over the long term.

It is supported by a Centre of Excellence whose main missions are to improve, optimize, and transform processes in collaboration with each of the company's lines of business. This interdisciplinary team is applying its expertise and experience to the transformation of Matmut's information and process management systems.

Simplifying, optimizing, and transforming business processes through modeling with SAP Signavio solutions

Before: Challenges and opportunities 

  • Gather and understand the company's expectations.
  • Identify dysfunctions that slow down process performance; prioritize simplification.
  • Describe the end-to-end target processes from a cross-functional perspective.
  • Optimize the time spent modelling "as is" and "to be" processes.


  • Collaborative nature of the SAP Signavio solutions encourages users to cooperate on process modeling, analysis, optimization, and execution.
  • Solutions from the SAP Signavio portfolio are based on the BPMN 2.0 modelling method already used by Matmut, making them easy to use and understand by non-specialists.
  • Data integrity and transparency help to ensure the integrity of models.
  • The tools are cost-effective, easy to deploy, and require minimal training for users.
  • User-friendly graphical interface makes life easier for users.

After: Value-driven results

  • Constructive dialogue between the business and IT departments to ensure alignment of strategy, processes, and technologies; development of a process culture within the company.
  • Enterprise architecture focused on business needs and value creation.
  • Better performance of processes in terms of stability, robustness, and fluidity in project management.

Knowing and understanding how a company's activities work and how they interact is a prerequisite for continuous performance improvement. SAP Signavio solutions help us to work cross-functionally, cooperatively, and customer-focused to align execution with business strategy.

Chrystelle Coutenay, Head of Process Management, Groupe Matmut