One of the leading superannuation funds in Australia, Aware Super Pty. Ltd. successfully brought together three powerful funds under its umbrella, expanding its influence in the financial sector. After this merger, Aware Super began to experience a number of issues regarding process visibility – while each of the three merged funds proved productive, it was difficult for the company to analyze data across the disparate, siloed systems. The company decided to leverage a streamlined approach to managing its enterprise-wide processes through unified automation and standardization across all business fronts.

This transformation would help the fund go from an organization with very limited process knowledge to an organization that leverages process knowledge for continuous improvement and regulatory compliance, helping it set a standard of excellence in its industry.

Automating Core Business Processes with SAP® Signavio® Solutions

Before: Challenges and Opportunities 

  • Integrate the operations of three superannuation funds at speed despite siloed methods of operation
  • Increase availability of process documentation and eliminate siloed functions to increase efficiency
  • Clarify process knowledge of insourcing of outsourcing operations to improve visibility
  • Improve business process management maturity to increase the productivity of the business

Why SAP and Avadeen Consulting

  • SAP® Signavio® portfolio as a comprehensive set of solutions, enabling it to automate processes and become a more intelligent enterprise
  • SAP Signavio solutions for compliance capabilities, helping it meet prudential standards with regulators
  • Accessible interfaces, lowering the adoption barrier within cross-enterprise business functions
  • Avadeen Consulting for business process management and compliance excellence expertise

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Standardized core business processes across funds, running on a single, accessible platform
  • Consolidated and automated processes, improving the quality of reporting, reducing waste, and increasing process productivity
  • Automated core processes across each fund, creating faster and clearer cross-enterprise data tracking
  • Increased process self-services, freeing up capacity for the procurement team to handle more complex procurement needs in a timelier manner
  • Established a Center of Excellence (CoE) to define customer experiences and identify supporting business processes

“Our goal was to create a great place for our people to work. We want our people to start looking at
things differently – and be mindful that everything we do needs to add value – whether it's to
themselves, the organization, or our members. We are embracing these mindsets by being able to
manage our processes in a single tool.”

Michael Beckett, Director of CoE Process Excellence, Aware Super Pty. Ltd.