Shaping the Future of Fun with Business Process Management Technology

Aristocrat Leisure Limited is a global gaming content and technology company and one of the top mobile game publishers in the world. With its shared enterprise-wide values, the company is committed to becoming a better business and preparing for growth and transformation to help achieve its strategic objectives. Through internal surveys to assess process capabilities, Aristocrat discovered that 80% of its business units were planning to improve process management within the next 12 months, so it chose to start its technology transformation with a focus in this area.

Aristocrat was looking for a sophisticated cloud-based business process management solution that could help it achieve greater operational excellence by optimizing processes and improving efficiency. It also wanted to drive a cultural change within the company, making the customer experience the center of its operational excellence goals.

Achieving Operational Excellence and Efficiency Through Business Process Optimization with SAP® Signavio® Solutions

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Streamline and link current documentation in a centralized repository for a more holistic view of handovers and interfaces and to support more efficient business improvements
  • Enable the reuse of existing process documentation to eliminate time-consuming rework and inefficiency
  • Formalize process documentation requirements to align with process execution performance and support performance management and reporting


  • SAP® Signavio® solutions, enabling cloud-based, comprehensive business process management and efficient management collaboration using process mining capabilities
  • Ability to more easily model manual and automated processes based on a standardized domain language
  • Single source of truth in a process repository available across the global organization

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Built a strong business ownership framework through change management to drive operational efficiency and created a center of excellence to support the organization with key services
  • Identified and built controls by working with external auditors to ensure compliance and reduce risks
  • Improved transparency and reporting of business processes within the organization
  • Achieved a twofold increase in business process management maturity, with 25% of core business processes documented, and an estimated 2% reduction in customer service cycles during the pilot
  • Trained over 80 people, with 35% modeling, and developed plans for future training through an e-learning content platform

“With SAP Signavio solutions, we built change management strategies from the ground up so people can understand the business process concepts, what their roles are, and how they can help deliver operational excellence.”

NK Mohamed, Global Transformation, Director, Aristocrat Leisure Limited

Establishing a Strong Conceptual Foundation to Support Structured Process Management

Aristocrat Leisure Limited chose SAP® Signavio® solutions to help meet its business process optimization goals. Following an initial business process maturity assessment, a pilot focused on foundational concepts, including process development, workflow automation, and process mining and analysis.

Using the SAP Signavio Process Manager solution and SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub, Aristocrat was able to document and model business processes while gaining visibility and collaboration across its lines of business. Its services business also used the SAP Signavio Process Intelligence solution to improve low Net Promoter Scores. By analyzing service cases, including installments, preventive maintenance, scheduled work, and planned fixes, the team gained valuable insights and recommendations for process improvements.

With the SAP Signavio Journey Modeler solution, employees can also model business processes to build efficiency and ensure internal processes are supporting key customer touch points. The SAP Signavio Process Governance solution helps other Aristocrat staff ensure compliance and reduce risk as they work with external auditors.

Aristocrat plans to increase awareness and implementation of these solutions to enhance process maturity and further drive a process culture throughout the company.

“With SAP Signavio solutions, we demonstrated the value of business process management through good change management practices; identification of opportunities through data; and leadership commitment and support of a cultural paradigm shift.”

NK Mohamed, Global Transformation, Director, Aristocrat Leisure Limited

With business process management as a foundation for a technology transformation, Aristocrat Leisure Limited implemented the following SAP® Signavio® solutions to drive operational excellence and prepare the company for continued growth and expansion: