ISO 9000 Process Library

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Quality management according to ISO 9000

Quality management according to ISO 9000 et seqq. is an integral part of the process-oriented business management. This series of standards published by the International Organization for Standardization provide guidelines and tools to help a company achieve continuous improvement, as well as improve customer satisfaction and consistently improve quality.

The ISO 9000 Process Library for SAP Signavio Process Manager contains standardized Best Practice process models for international quality management according to ISO 9000-9004. The comprehensive collection of BPMN 2.0 diagrams can be easily adapted to specific use cases to enhance quality across the enterprise.

In addition to the establishing continuous quality improvement capabilities, organizations must meet a set of requirements to obtain certification. Thereby, the focus is on an auditable process documentation with integrated process and work instructions.

ISO 9000 Process Library and BPMN 2.0

ISO 9000 certified companies have been proven to win new business, achieve more return on assets, and exhibit operational excellence. The set of standards is becoming more globally adopted as successes are realized. Standardization makes it easy to complete the integration by yourself, and there are also consultants who can manage the implementation.

Our partner, Dipl.-Ing. Walter Abel Management Consulting, provides his clients with expert direction on implementing ISO 9000 best practices. His nearly 20 years of project experience has contributed to the success of hundreds of projects. These projects have since contributed to over 50 highly optimized process diagrams that any company can adapt for their specific ISO uses. Each of these diagrams have undergone meticulous optimization measures, and are proven to deliver results.

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  • ISO 9000 - 9004
  • Process oriented support
  • Best Practices in BPMN 2.0

Advantages of the ISO 9000 Process Library:

  • Identification of the necessary processes for starting a QM project
  • Completeness check for the planned QM process model
  • Extensive checklists and templates
  • Identification of intern and extern cutting points of quality management
  • Process oriented support during the introduction of quality management systems
  • Compliancy of process referred requirements of ISO 9000 ff.

Examples of ISO 9000 et seqq. management processes