APQC Process Classification Framework

Signavio & APQC give organizations the power to meet and exceed the process efficiency of their competitors.

APQC & Signavio

Process modeling and improvement appears on the surface to be a purely internal initiative. But when organizations look in the mirror and see their business operations, they must do so in the context of the entire marketplace. How are competitors executing their core processes, and where are their workflows more efficient than your own? Where are you already ahead of the curve? These questions have historically been very difficult to answer, but with the Signavio Process Manager & APQC, modelers can compare their processes to trusted industry benchmarks.

APQC is world’s foremost authority in benchmarking, best practices, process and performance improvement, and knowledge management. Decades of expertise in this field have enabled APQC to build a massive and ever-evolving library of Process Classification Frameworks® (PCF). PCFs give organizations across virtually any industry insight into the efficiency of their current processes. This focuses process improvement by shining a light on the most glaring areas needing a revamp.

Signavio is proud to partner with APQC to integrate these expertly-built frameworks into the Process Manager, our advanced process modeling tool. The integration allows user to evaluate a vast bank of industry standards directly against their own current state and future state models. Being able to see representative models of competitor’s processes next to your own is often an eye-opening and enlightening experience. Organizations can pinpoint where they’re up to par and where they aren’t, thus appropriately allocating resources to introduce impactful changes. For those who have only recently started on process documentation, these frameworks also provide a great jumping off point and clear goal for their future state models.

How to Get Signavio + APQC Frameworks

You can start using the combined power of the Signavio Process Manager and APQC frameworks by checking out our free 30-day trial. Current Signavio customers can also access the frameworks & KPIs by reaching out to their sales representative for import instructions.

  • Best Practice Collection
  • Process Classification Framework
  • Process Improvement

Signavio and the APQC Framework

  • Begin process improvement with a clear template
  • Compare current state models against industry standards
  • Identify areas where you are best-in-class or needing a change
  • Allocate resources efficiently and accurately