Leveraging processes for successful Quality Management. The concept of Quality Management is focused not only on product or service quality but also how it is achieved. It includes all actions taken to improve the quality of products or services. Quality management uses quality assurance and control of processes as well as products, to achieve more consistent quality.

Quality Management Systems can be expressed as the organizational structure, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality management. To most people, the inherent relationship between improved process and improved quality is a given, regardless of the quality system of the methodology employed, be it; Total Quality Management (TQM), Lean or Six Sigma. This direct relationship is true for product development, manufacturing or service delivery.

Well defined process models and documentation result in improved customer satisfaction and business performance.
Signavio makes it easier for everyone to see where process improvements can be made and allows all participants to contribute to improving the processes they are engaged in.

International Quality Standard ISO 9001

The international ISO9001 standard requires that the performance of processes be measured, analyzed and continually improved, and the results of this form an input into the management review process.

Without well-defined processes, measurement is difficult. As anyone who has been involved in any quality improvement effort knows, the ability to measure is key to understanding where to focus the [process] improvement efforts. The current result (ie. cycle time) may be obvious, but it is difficult to know where to measure if the corresponding processes aren’t well defined. Process definition is one area where a collaborative process modeling software solution adds significant value to any quality improvement initiative.

Having well-defined process is critical not only to manufacturing but also product design. ISO9001:2008 series describes standards for a QMS addressing the principles and processes surrounding the design, development, and delivery of a general product or service.

Engaging with Everyone

The ability to generate a process narrative according to a document template (defined by your enterprise) whenever a process is modified, helps everyone understand and align with the changes. The ability to access these documents via Signavio’s process portal and change notifications provided to participants makes complying with ISO straight forward.

Engaging everyone who participates in product design, manufacturing and support, directly in the processes themselves, results in improved business performance. Now that’s what a quality system is all about! Signavio provides the ideal platform for integrating as many people as possible in process design. Using QuickModel, spreadsheet like process design, everyone in the organization can participate at your quality management initiative.

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