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Purpose of Cookies

What are cookies and similar technologies?

Cookies are small files placed on your device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) when you access a website. Other technologies performing a similar function include web beacons and clear gifs, often used in conjunction with cookies.

When SAP Signavio sends newsletters or messages, technologies like web beacons are used for tracking purposes without collecting personal data.

What are first party cookies?

SAP Signavio’s websites have first party cookies, specific to the website, enabling efficient service operation and tracking user behavior patterns.

What are third party cookies?

Third party cookies are placed by entities not affiliated with SAP Signavio. SAP Signavio allows third parties to place cookies on your device, but does not retain control or access to the information. Refer to the respective third party's privacy policy for more details.

To access more information about these cookies, please click the “Cookie Preferences” link in the footer of the webpage.

Session and Persistent Cookies

Our websites may place session and persistent cookies. Session cookies last for the duration of your browser session, while persistent cookies last beyond browser closure, allowing quicker access to our website.

Cookies Used on SAP Signavio Websites

SAP Signavio differentiates between Required Cookies, Functional Anonymous Analytics, and Advertising Cookies. Each serves a specific purpose while respecting your preferences.

Required Cookies:

Strictly necessary for website functionality, enabling basic features without storing personal information.

Functional Anonymous Analytics:

Limited aggregate data is used for website performance analysis, ensuring anonymity and unidentifiable individual user data. For qualtrics please check

Advertising Cookies:

Used by advertising companies to serve relevant ads based on your interests, allowing social network sharing and comments.

Transparency and Control

Required Cookies:

Name Category Domain Service Provider Signavio Service Provider Signavio Service Provider Signavio

Functional Cookies:

Name Life Span Persistent Session Y Session Y

How to Manage and Delete Cookies

SAP Signavio provides you with the option to adjust your preferences for Functional and Advertising Cookies. You can access preferences at any time by clicking on the “Cookie Preferences” link in the footer of the webpage.

You can also block and delete cookies by changing your browser settings. Most browsers allow you to refuse or accept all cookies or only certain types. Refer to the browser's help function for the process of managing and deleting cookies.

If you choose to limit cookie use, some interactive functions of our website may not be accessible.