A New Chapter: All Your Last Minute GDPR Needs

Written by Lucas de Boer | 4 min read
Published on: May 24th 2018 - Last modified: September 26th, 2022
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From 25 May 2018 (that’s tomorrow!) the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will fundamentally alter the way companies handle, source, and distribute data collected from partners or clients residing in the European Union. To mark this change, the Signavio blog has focused on the GDPR throughout May, with a range of posts covering different aspects. This is the final post in our series, summarizing last minute GDPR information, and how Signavio can support your business to thrive under this new chapter in data protection.

Last Minute GDPR Advice From Signavio

If you’ve been following the Signavio blog closely over the last month, there might be a slim chance that you’ve heard enough about the GDPR. You might even be experiencing a few last minute GDPR jitters, given that the GDPR represents a substantial change to the way organizations deal with data, with equally substantial penalties for non-compliance.

But keep in mind the GDPR is just one element of a more extensive system of regulation and compliance that governs the way your business can operate. In the same way, Signavio’s focus on the GDPR demonstrates just one way in which our software can help your business function within your specific regulatory framework.

If you do have everything in place (or if you're a touch over-saturated on GDPR coverage) it might feel tempting to let your attention move elsewhere for a while. We have good news: you can! Our extended focus on GDPR hopefully served more as a reminder to ensure your policies and procedures are up-to-date, and your business processes are working at their peak.

So, we can’t promise that there won’t be more GDPR-related information as businesses across the EU and the world continue to deal with the implications of the regulation. But what we can promise, with whatever products, documents, events, or materials we do produce, is this: Our singular goal is supporting your organization, and others of all shapes and sizes, to model, analyze, optimize, and execute your business processes and decisions as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Story So Far

The GDPR may be relevant to your work, or it may not, but it is certainly relevant to you as an individual. If you live in the EU, you have almost certainly received at least one or two last minute GDPR emails by now, as companies in all industries update their data protection policies, and seek your permission to continue sending you marketing materials. (If you haven’t seen that sort of email, congratulations on keeping your name off those mailing lists!) Remember, the GDPR governs which organizations can gather and store personal information about you, the ways they can do so, and how they can use the data they collect.

During May, Signavio has served as your humble narrator, using our blog posts to guide you through the potential impacts of the GDPR, and how you can ensure your business is best-placed to deal with the fallout. Previous chapters have included:

All five previous posts are aimed at helping organizations consider the way their business works with customer data, and understand their obligations under the new regulations. The blogs also act as an extension of Signavio’s Guide to GDPR Compliance, which offers a comprehensive manual for ensuring your organization is ready for the GDPR.

The Story Continues

Signavio doesn’t only provide game-changing software and must-read documents. We have also been working closely with current and potential customers to prepare for the GDPR in person. Most recently, nearly 40 guests joined Signavio and co-host Baringa Partners for a ‘breakfast briefing’, held at London’s Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard. The briefing took place in early May, so doesn't quite qualify as last minute GDPR support, but it served as useful context in the final weeks leading up to tomorrow's deadline.

Attendees were treated to panoramic views of London, as well as an equally extensive view beyond the GDPR deadline into the ways Baringa Partners and Signavio have empowered users with limited GDPR knowledge. This translates to mapping personal data items against business processes and operations, documenting GDPR risk and controls, reducing the risk of human error, and support for general organizational compliance.

A Couple of Real Page-Turners

You can also use Signavio to take your existing compliance frameworks to the next level, automating your compliance processes and ensuring you never miss a trick when the next regulation arrives from the EU, or anywhere else. Get started with Signavio’s white paper on Modern Compliance Management in Times of Constant Change, then take your research and apply it to your organization by following Signavio’s 7 Step Guide to Risk and Compliance.

Write Your Own Story

If you're well past needing last minute GDPR info, but would still like to learn more about how Signavio can help your business, request a demo from our process modeling experts and let them show you how to get started. If you’d rather investigate at your own pace, try signing up for a free 30-day trial.

Published on: May 24th 2018 - Last modified: September 26th, 2022