Recap: Business Process Intelligence Tour in 2021, featuring SAP and Signavio solutions

Written by Vivecca Frank | 2 min read
Published on: July 23rd 2021 - Last modified: October 13th, 2022
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Thank you to everyone who attended the Business Process Intelligence Tour (BPI Tour)—it’s clear the event really resonated with the business process transformation and process management community! Packed with region-specific content for audiences around the world, the BPI Tour was truly where local insights met global impact. Read on for a brief recap, and find out how you can access any session you like, right now.

Organizations around the world are building new ways of working, responding to dramatic shifts in consumer behavior and priorities, as well as global challenges like the lasting impacts of the pandemic. Building organizational resilience has shifted from something many businesses would “get around to eventually” to a crucial requirement for success.

The BPI Tour aimed to provide organizations with insights from peers and colleagues who had direct experience of transformation, and had come out the other side with wisdom to share. 

The BPI Tour featured four-hour blocks of presentations, fireside chats, product demos and more, delivered directly to attendees spread across four global regions: DACH, EMEA, APAC and the Americas. Take a look at the numbers:

  • More than 5,000 people registered for the BPI Tour 2021
  • Our audience came from over 25 countries around the world
  • We featured 36 experts and engaging speakers
  • 48 sessions took place across the four regions

Catching up on the BPI Tour 2021

If you couldn’t attend, want to check out one of the breakout sessions you missed, or just want to revisit one of the presentations that inspired you—you can! Every session from the BPI Tour is now available on-demand. Go to the BPI Tour page and you can watch as many of the sessions as you want, totally free.

To give you a flavor of the event, here are just a few of the fascinating presentations that are now available:

Rouven Morato & Gero Decker (all regions)

Dr. Gero Decker and Rouven Morato, General Managers of SAP shared their vision of the path towards the Intelligent Enterprise. In a robust discussion with the BPI Tour moderator, Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke, Gero and Rouven considered the key questions around business process intelligence: why business processes are so critical, why data alone isn’t enough to guarantee success, and why empathy is often as important as analysis.

NTT (EMEA region)

Rashmeer Pahlad, Principal Functional Specialist: Business Analyst at NTT, took the audience through the nuts and bolts of NTT’s digital transformation journey, including exactly how NTT used business process mining for improvement initiatives.  The presentation dives deep, right down to what baselines were set for process performance, how to account for geographic differences, and what training was required for NTT staff. If you’re looking for a clear, detailed examination of what business process intelligence looks like in practice, this is where to start.

Farmers Insurance (Americas region)

David Lutz, Director Program Management at Farmers Insurance presented on customer experience, transformation and innovation, and how the three areas are closely connected. Using Farmers’ own experiences with implementing change, the session also demonstrated how vital it is to remove the internal barriers that can sometimes prevent innovation, with a focus on four pillars: clarification, trust, training and focus. To find out more, including how you could apply these principles in your own organization.

There are thousands of process and transformation professionals around the world looking for the examples and insights they need to guide their business through transformation challenges. The Business Process Intelligence Tour, featuring SAP and Signavio solutions, was one way for colleagues and peers to get together, share information and support each other. We’re looking forward to doing it all again in 2022. See you there! 

Published on: July 23rd 2021 - Last modified: October 13th, 2022
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