The Future-Proof Organization Is a Process-Centric Organization

The Future-Proof Organization Is a Process-Centric Organization

The Future-Proof Organization Is a Process-Centric Organization

Just over two years ago, SAP acquired Signavio with the stated aim of helping customers “quickly understand, improve, transform, and manage their business processes at scale” to gain a competitive edge in their markets. Today, we are delivering new integrations, automation, and innovative approaches that deliver on that promise.

The combined power of SAP and SAP Signavio allows customers to achieve radical reductions in the costs and time it takes to plan, deploy, and optimize any business process transformation and continually identify and adjust processes to run at their best given current company and market conditions.

New “Plug and Gain” Approach Compresses Project Timelines from Months to Days

Customers using our enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can now radically accelerate transformation projects by leveraging a new approach called “plug and gain” that brings together the combined value of SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite in a way that allows ERP customers to prepare faster, deploy faster, and continually optimize value.

With the new “plug and gain” approach, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence uses data gathered by SAP Signavio Process Insights, dramatically shortening the set-up time for in-depth process mining. Customers are able to easily go beyond the initial findings from SAP Signavio Process Insights and within a few days get the full benefit of the market-leading process mining capabilities of SAP Signavio Process Intelligence and the rest of SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite. Conversion of process mining from a months-long project to a task that takes a few days means that SAP customers can now have a unique ability to quickly and continually optimize processes to meet new business goals or changing customer behaviors.

For example, with this approach customers can quickly get the results of variant analysis to gain a clearer view of the flow of work. From there, they can use our reverse-engineered process models as the starting point for comparison with best practice models and drive informed discussion on next steps. Our process models are now integrated with SAP Cloud ALM via the state-of-the-art SAP Solution Manager connector, creating the foundation for a smooth implementation. This also allows customers to take a data-driven approach to process monitoring and refinement.

New Integrations with Key SAP Solutions

Our vision is to fully integrate SAP Signavio solutions with key SAP solutions so that customers can more easily maximize the impact of their SAP investment and simplify the user experience. New integrations from SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite into SAP solutions include:

  • Native integration from SAP Signavio Process Insights into SAP Ariba solutions, providing a new framework for understanding and optimizing workflows and processes such as sourcing, procurement, and contracts
  • Accelerator for the “Manage Personal Employee Information” process on SAP SuccessFactors solutions to help speed up the time to value with our solution
  • Native integration between SAP Signavio Process Intelligence and SAP Datasphere to enable process-aware enterprise analytics and help streamline process mining across complex data landscapes
  • Integration between SAP Signavio Process Intelligence and SAP Build Process Automation as part of the enterprise automation with SAP to close the loop from insight to action by flexibly defining which process dynamics will automatically start selected process automations, workflows, and/or notifications

While tight integration with SAP is an obvious imperative, we are fully committed to integration with non-SAP systems and delivering on the promise of end-to-end process transformation no matter what solutions customers are using to run their businesses.

The combined strengths of both SAP and non-SAP integrations allow organizations to create a powerful ecosystem that caters to the diverse needs of their end customers. This approach empowers businesses to be as process centric as possible, enabling them to choose the tools and processes that align with their workflows. With our commitment to non-SAP integrations, businesses can provide comprehensive solutions that maximize customer satisfaction and support their individual requirements while still benefiting from the efficiency and operational advantages offered by SAP integration.

New Automation Powered by SAP Business Technology Platform

Automation has high potential for improving business processes, freeing up companies to deploy their people in more strategic or complex tasks. The SAP Signavio Process Intelligence and SAP Build Process Automation integration can now trigger automations directly from SAP Signavio solutions when inefficient processes are detected. Furthermore SAP Signavio solutions, SAP Build solutions, and SAP Integration Suite can accelerate your path to autonomous enterprise automation by SAP.

The Future-Proof Organization Is Process Centric

SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite is a key pillar in SAP’s efforts to help customers become more future proof. These new integrations, automations, and methodologies, in combination with unique offerings like SAP Signavio Process Explorer and SAP Signavio Journey-to-Process Analytics, establish SAP as a true visionary in the field of process transformation, providing customers with access to data, insights, and value that no other vendor can provide.

Gero Decker is general manager for SAP Signavio.
Rouven Morato is general manager for SAP Signavio.