Signavio version 5.0 now online

All users of the SaaS offering can now take advantage of the new version 5.0 of the Signavio Process Editor. Numerous new features make editing BPMN diagram even easier and provide the basis for professional process documentation.

Here are a couple of selected new features of the Premium Edition:

  • Visual diagram comparison: The feature shows modelers at a glance what has changed in a diagram. The comparison is based on the integrated versioning mechanism. But you can also use this feature to compare two different models.
  • Richtext formatting in diagrams: You can now format diagram elements. You find the different options in the toolbar: Font size, bold, italic, font color, background color, etc. Furthermore, you can set the font back to the default or copy the formatting style from one element to another.
  • Create a subprocess based on a process fragment: BPMN diagrams can easily grow big when you are mapping out the details of your process. The new features allows you to select a group of elements and turn it into a collapsed subprocess. A separate diagram is created and you immediately see this subprocess through the integrated preview function.
  • Gain space: If you want to introduce additional elements into your diagrams, you need space to arrange them. Until now, you had to select the elements and move them to the side. The new feature simplifies this use case: you simply decide where you need more space and everything else will be taken care of for you. For instance, pools and lanes are automatically extended. This feature also applies to all other modeling languages (like EPC, org charts and value chain diagrams).
  • Simplified views on diagrams: When inviting your colleagues to comment on a diagram, you can now select to only show a certain part of the model. You can simply hide pools/lanes, IT systems, data objects and/or text annotations. This will reduce the diagram complexity.

Brandnew: SaaS publishing

  • So far, the publishing component was only available for customers with an inhouse installation of the Signavio Process Editor. This feature is now available for SaaS customers, too. A browser certificate offers secured read access to all employees in the organization. This makes an intregation into your Intranet or even Sharepoint system easy.