SAP Signavio Process Intelligence has arrived!

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence provides access to extensive data to optimize your processes. You can now investigate and compare the performance of your processes with the help of all the intelligence underpinning your business processes.


SAP Signavio Process Intelligence accesses real data from ERP and CRM systems, which have been difficult to use for analysis until now. Visual representation of the data directly in the new solution enables an unrivaled comparison of current and target processes and highlights weaknesses in processes for instant recognition. Additionally, you get a fully targeted view of the parameters which must be used for the optimization of your processes.

Find out more about the meaning of Process Intelligence and how to implement it with Signavio in our new video. Our CEO Dr. Gero Decker answers the most important questions regarding this new trend and the Signavio software solution. If you would like to find out more about SAP Signavio Process Intelligence we are happy to help, contact us at for an exclusive live demo.