Signavio on Delegation Trip with Philipp Rösler

Together with Dr. Philipp Rösler, the German Federal Minister of Economics, 45 start-up enterprises begin their delegation trip to the Silicon Valley on Monday, May 20th.

The trip lasted until Sunday, May 26th and everything was centered on technology and the start-up scene in California. The Silicon Valley can be recognized as a great role model for the promotion of the German start-up scene.


The goal of the trip was to support the exchange between German and American digital economies and to push innovations. Representatives from Google, SAP Labs, Facebook and Stanford University were in attendance where the delegation was able to exchange insight and dialogue with. Participants discovered the unique entrepreneurial spirit of the Silicon Valley. The major difference between the American and German entrepreneurs is that the Americans are willing to take higher risks because they portray more self-confidence which distinguishes themselves from others.

“We will live and pass the experiences in Germany. Connecting the dots is the successful concept in the US scene”, participants wrote in the official German press release.