Signavio developers win the First-ever TechCrunch Disrupt Europe Hackathon

App hacks “Foursquare PreCheck-In” and “Glovr” impress the judges 24 hours after the teams sat down and started hacking.

The technology blog, TechCrunch, hosted the inaugural Disrupt Europe Hackathon in Berlin, and we’re proud to recognize Signavio superstars who made up winning teams at the Hackathon. Philipp Giese (Signavio Software Engineer) and his team won first place at the Disrupt Europe Hackathon earlier this week. The team’s "Foursquare PreCheck-In" app extension beat out 90 competitors to claim the $5,000 prize.

Check out the "Foursquare PreCheck-In" presentation and watch the video interview of the winner team.

Foursquare PreCheck-In enables users to share where they plan to visit. This makes for easier planning with friends, and exclusive products and services offered in advance encouraging users and their friends to actually follow through.

Signavio superstars Sven Wagner-Boysen and Daniel Taschik, developed the app “Glovr” and took home a special prize from the online retailer, Zalando. "Glovr" uses Leap Motion® cameras to measure the users’ hands, and intuitively match them to gloves on Zalando’s online store. This technique is also applicable to other product, giving customers the ability to purchase the desired product in the correct size.