Rebranding at SAP: SAP NetWeaver Cloud is changed in SAP HANA Cloud

SAP announces that SAP NetWeaver Cloud, SAP’s java-based programming environment, is now changed in SAP HANA Cloud. The SAP HANA Cloud is a next generation cloud platform based on an innovative memory technology.


With SAP HANA Cloud, all services known from SAP NetWeaver Cloud can still be used. Beyond that, users are able to develop further applications based on native HANA or on other frameworks. With SAP HANA, the scale of the old platform will be extended.

Complex applications can be developed, used and managed very fast. Developments and results can be followed in real time. SAP HANA Cloud is satisfying its customers completely and covers any business need. Best practices, demonstrating the profitable work with SAP HANA Cloud are diversified and cover various areas.

Hospitals for example, are offering partner portals in order to allow easy access to health records and to improve the communication with doctors.

Starting with personalized offers in retail trade, to the real time management, various examples can be mentioned. SAP partners, having worked with SAP NetWeaver Cloud before, can use the usual services while benefiting from further possibilities. The license model and prices will remain the same according to SAP.

Aside from the change of name, no changes in customer contracts are expected. Find general information concerning the respective SAP partner program under the following link: