Open Source BPM: camunda forks Activiti

Berlin-based software vendor camunda today announced its comprehensive Open Source process management suite; camunda BPM. Signavio’s partner is “forking” the Activiti® project’s source code and donating significant additional components that provide new capabilities for business / IT alignment.

Since the beginning, camunda has been one of the main contributors to the Activiti project. Based on the company’s experience implementing BPM platforms for numerous customers around the world, camunda recognized a significant opportunity to improve the project’s value. As part of today’s move, camunda increases its influence on the direction of the project, not only by committing development resources, but also by making most of its commercial product “camunda fox” Open Source. These contributions to the project should be of significant interest to any enterprise considering a Java based execution platform.

Signavio users benefit considerably from camunda’s decision to establish a new project. The Signavio connector, included as part of camunda’s Open Source code base, enables the business-IT-roundtrip communication between process implementation and business-oriented modeling. Signavio customers - no matter if they are running an on-premise installation or are using the cloud based service - can now deploy the camunda BPM package and connect it with their process modeling workspace. With this approach, customers can now easily combine the best of two worlds: camunda BPM for implementation and Signavio as the gold standard for process modeling.

Jakob Freund, CEO of camunda, comments: “The introduction of camunda BPM is an important milestone for us. Signavio is our favorite process modeling tool and the best technology for a BPMN 2.0-based business-IT-roundtrip. That is why we published the Signavio connector as part of camunda BPM.”

Tom Baeyens, initiator of Activiti and now CEO of Effektif, also applauds camunda’s move: “Thanks to the additional components of camunda BPM, the value of the Open Source project is increased a lot.” Baeyens had left the Activiti project in November 2012 and started the cloud-based BPM solution

“camunda is one of the most important partners of Signavio and camunda BPM provides an excellent Open Source framework for automating business processes”, Gero Decker, Co-CEO of Signavio, says. “It should be the first choice for any business who wants deploy a Java-based execution platform for BPM.”

Activiti is a registered trademark of Alfresco Software, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About camunda BPM:

camunda BPM is an Open Source platform for business process automation. The system employs a “less code” approach where the BPM engine can be seamlessly integrated into Java development environments. This results in maximum flexibility for organizations with development know how. camunda BPM is especially well suited for mission-critical processes that need to be integrated with multiple legacy systems.

About Signavio:

Signavio is a Berlin and Silicon Valley-based cloud provider in the BPM space. Founded in 2009, the company’s 40 employees serve more than 400 customers worldwide. The Signavio Process Editor is a collaborative business process modeling tool that makes it easy to get all stakeholders involved in process design and improvement. With innovative products such as QuickModel, Signavio is a recognized leader and award-winning software provider.