New Release - Version 8.5.1 is Now Available!

This release sees numerous new and improved features including developments to the SAP Solution Manager, the dictionary categories and further improvements to the BPM Collaboration Portal.

Swiss eCH Standards Support

The Signavio Process Editor in Version 8.5.1 introduces support of the Swiss eCH Standards, making them available as a modeling convention.

SAP Solution Manager

Using the Signavio integration for the SAP Solution Manager, import and export processes are now logged. SAP Solution Manager events appear in the activity feed.

New BPM Collaboration Portal

In order to better display content in the BPM Collaboration Portal, the space above the diagram title has been reduced. This is particularly advantageous with low resolution and embedded portals. The symbols of the attribute visualization will also be displayed in the activity list.

As always, all information on the release of additional new functions and fixed bugs can be found in our full release notes.