New eBook “Why BPM – The Vision of the CEOs” featuring Signavio!

Read more about Dr. Gero Decker´s (Co-CEO) view on BPM.

In his article, Dr. Decker describes how the Signavio Process Editor helps companies and its employees model business processes, leading to better performances:

"Today´s organizations are faced with many different challenges affecting their daily business. No matter whether it is the introduction of a new legal regulation or changes in market demand, businesses have to be able to react on changes quickly. BPM provides a management approach based on the identification, documentation, analysis and optimization of business processes. It facilitates an understanding how an organizations processes are tied to each other and which resources are needed to perform well with regard to corporate strategic and operational aims. BPM is a continuous task to create transparency, identify optimization potentials and visualize and communicate an organization´s processes. Yet, succesfully BPM heavily relies on the people in the organizsation. That´s why we at Signavio truly believe in collaborative BPM. Get everybody in the organization involved in your BPM initiative to reach operational excellence and increase your company´s competitiveness."

"Why BPM – The Vision of the CEOs," edited by Pedro Robledo, is now available in English and Spanish from, an online editorial project. focuses on publications that discuss the full scope of BPM – including modeling, design, automation, and monitoring of business processes.

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