Independent Review of Signavio - Why you Should Consider it for Your Organization

A new report produced by MWD Advisors examines Signavio as a company and its products and services.

“On the Radar: Signavio”, presents 10 questions, ranging from who Signavio is and what we do, to why it is interesting and why you should consider it for your business. This format offers a concise but compre­hensive overview.

Despite being a relative newcomer, the report notes that Signavio is developing swiftly as a company and is well-attuned to the needs of its target market. Also acknowledged, is our customer-focused orientation and rapidly developing product functionality, which has resulted in a fast-growing customer base. “Signavio Process Editor offers an excellent range of capability and is easy to use.”

MWD Advisors are an independent specialist advisory firm, offering practical industry insights to business leaders and technology professionals. This series of their reports focuses on specialist vendors and their capabilities. The aim is to support business leaders in comparing and short­listing possible vendors when looking to invest in new technology.