Full support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

Today, Microsoft released the final version of Internet Explorer 9. Technically, it marks a complete redesign compared to the previous version of the web browser. The development of one of the fastest JavaScript engines amongst the latest generation browsers now also makes using the Signavio Process Editor a pleasure.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Already since version 4.5 of the Signavio Process Editor, the Beta versions of IE9 could be used for all parts of the Signavio tool. We have put a strong focus on giving full support for the new browser version from day 1.

Our developers also integrated native support for Microsoft's new functionality "Pinned Sites" (see Screenshot). You can drag the Signavio Explorer to the Windows taskbar (Video) and get direct access to some shortcuts through a right click on the Windows task. Additionally, the Look-and-Feel feels more like a Windows application rather than a plain website (e.g. through a distinguished task icon).

In order to download the new version of Internet Explorer, please click here.