Free check of your modeling conventions

Take the chance and get a free evaluation of your modeling conventions.

Modeling Guidelines

To demonstrate the value of this new functionality for checking modeling conventions, Signavio offers a unique and free service: Send us your modeling conventions and we will provide individual feedback with regard to your individually defined framework.

Once you share your modeling conventions with us, you will receive answers concerning the following aspects:

  • Completeness: Are all typical rules included in your conventions? What is missing?
  • Consistency: Do the rules contradict each other? Which rules are unusual and difficult to obey?
  • Automatic vs. manual check: Which rules can be checked automatically and which need to be reviewed manually?

This free service is available until March 31, 2013. To take advantage of this offer, simply send your conventions to:

Since January 2013, the Signavio Process Editor has included this new functionality for validating process models according to individually defined modeling conventions. Try it yourself. Register for your free 30-day trial account at