Signavio and Bruce Silver Associates: DMN Method and Style Featuring Signavio Decision Manager

Signavio and Bruce Silver Associates are pleased to announce the publication of DMN Method and Style, the definitive book on the new Decision Modeling and Notation standard, along with DMN Method and Style training and certification. Both the book and the training highlight the use of the Signavio Decision Manager.

Like its predecessor, BPMN Method and Style, DMN Method and Style provides not only a comprehensive explanation of the shapes and symbols of the modeling notation, but guidelines for communicating the modeler’s intent clearly from the printed diagrams plus a top-down methodology for decomposing complex business decisions in a systematic way.

Signavio provides one of the most complete and feature-rich tools implementing the DMN standard. Both the book and the training highlight advanced features of the Signavio Decision Manager, including multi-instance decisions, decision table verification, data-aware expression editor, dictionary (business glossary), and simulation (decision execution in the tool).

“Having Verification and Simulation built into the DMN tool provides the modeler with immediate feedback, ensuring the decision logic is complete, consistent, and gives a reasonable result. Features like these are what allow business users to do professional-grade decision modeling themselves.” -Bruce Silver, Bruce Silver Associates.

The DMN Method and Style training includes 60-day use of the Signavio Decision Manager for exercises in class and for post-class certification. Students learn in “hands-on” fashion how to use Signavio in a variety of decision modeling scenarios and decision logic patterns. The first class is live-online March 29-31 from 11am to 4pm (US Eastern time) each day. More information is available at

"DMN is the number one standard for creating actionable business decisions. Bruce Silver Associates' new book and training course mark a major milestone in successfully applying DMN in organizations." Dr. Gero Decker, CEO Signavio. Getting started in business decision management (BDM) is now easier than ever! Try it yourself with a free 30-day trial at

About Signavio:

Signavio provides a web-based solution for modeling, analyzing, and optimizing business processes and decisions. As a leading vendor of SaaS software for company-wide process and decision management, Signavio combines the richness of a professional business process management (BPM) and business decision management (BDM) solution with the advantages of collaboration in the cloud. Signavio is a German company headquartered in Berlin with offices also located in Sunnyvale, CA and Singapore.

About Bruce Silver Associates:

Bruce Silver Associates specializes in consulting, training and certification related to business process management and business decision management using Signavio and other tools. He is the author of the popular books BPMN Method and Style and DMN Method and Style.

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