Breaking News: New KPMG and Signavio Partnership for Process and Rules-Based Tax Consultancy

KPMG AG, one of the leading auditing and consultancy companies, and Signavio are forming a strategic partnership bringing together tax and financial expertise and advanced Business Process Management and Business Decision Management technology.

"Companies process their tax issues with many different software solutions, which are not included in a defined and documented end-to-end process. Inefficiencies, errors and manual interventions are the result. Together with KPMG we now have the potential to change the tax advisory sector sustainably", says Dr. Gero Decker, Managing Director of Signavio GmbH.

Combined Fiscal Process Management and Rule Design

The financial administration have an ambitious digital agenda and are investing heavily into the digitization and standardization of the tax procedure. Against this background, KPMG and Signavio are looking to combine innovative consulting approaches, extensive fiscal expertise and technology solutions in the areas of Business Process Management (BPMN 2.0 standard) and Business Decision Management (DMN 1.0 standard).

Benefits for Clients

"The partnership with Signavio enables KPMG to re-think complex fiscal processes and rule systems for the benefit of our customers." Sebastian Koch, Partner at KPMG.

Clients will especially profit from standardized and transparent processes as well as efficiency gains from partially automated tax rules and workflows. Within this cooperation, both partners will focus on their core competencies - KPMG offers the technical and procedural advice while Signavio manages the technological platform as a leading software provider of BPM and DMN.