BPM-Systems in direct comparison - 26th of January 2012 in Bielefeld

At the event “KleinesForumBielefeld” sponsored by Involva GmbH, Signavio takes part at a direct comparison with the products ARIS (Software AG) and BIC (GBTEC AG). Each provider will present the main features and functionalities of their software.

Signavio in direct comparison to two other bpm-tools.

Due to the need of topicality, homogeneous methods and the integration of all process participants, the demand for highly developed techniques and software tools increases. Meet us at “KleinesForumBielefeld” and learn more about the functionalities of our editor.


Agenda: Comparison of BPM-systems

13-14 Uhr: Arrival and first talks (small buffet)

14-17 Uhr: Welcome, moderation and presentations

17-18 Uhr: Discussion and networking Look forward to an informative afternoon, covering recent topics in a direct comparison, describing new ways of process modeling and offering a discussion platform with speakers, moderator and colleagues.