BPM For Business Transformation

Business Transformation projects can seem like extremely tall orders at their onset.  If you're looking to get your initiative off to a great start, think first about utilizing Business Process Management.

This recent article from Neha Arora on the SAP Community Network tackles Business Process Modeling (BPM) in the context of Business Transformation projects. BPM is a core component of any transformation initiative, allowing organizations to visualize their processes in a way that is standardized, repeatable and easily understood. The first step in transforming business processes is of course documenting their as-is state, and it is important not to skip straight to attempts at process alteration.

Ms. Arora references Signavio in her post, and with good reason. Signavio is built with business transformation in mind and makes establishing a foundation for your project easy. Organizations with all levels of BPM experience can quickly document the current state of their processes using the Signavio Process Editor. Once recorded, the areas of inefficiencies within these workflows are far easier to identify and solve. Signavio’s collaborative features engage all employees as new workflows are designed and implemented. Allowing process participants to provide feedback is vital, as they have first-hand experience and are also the most affected by transformation projects. Getting their buy-in makes organizational change more likely to stick.

See for yourself why Signavio should be your first choice for business transformation projects by checking out our free 30-day Process Manager trial, and please feel free to reach out to us with questions via marketing@signavio.com.