Blue Prism Collaborates with Signavio to Drive Intelligent Automation at Scale

Build Process Intelligence for RPA Efficiency and Greater ROI

Signavio Blue Prism partnership announcement

LONDON, AUSTIN TX / BERLIN, BOSTON, MA– Nov 18th, 2020 — Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), a global pioneer and market leader in robotic process automation (RPA), and Signavio, a leading provider of business transformation solutions, today announced a collaboration designed to help businesses reinvigorate their process automation journey. Combining process efficiency with advanced RPA helps organizations build and scale intelligent automation safely, reliably and collaboratively, while ensuring the best possible return on RPA investment.

To drive enterprise-wide process automation that delivers on its promise, savvy businesses align complementary technologies. Combining Signavio’s robust process intelligence with Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce delivers a more comprehensive automation strategy that can increase process efficiencies and improve ROI. The joint solution is now available on Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange (DX), the company’s online portal for accessing new and emerging technologies.

With the goal of helping businesses uncover new opportunities for automation, simulate real business impact and connect human workers to robots to monitor success—Signavio and Blue Prism are creating efficiencies across the entire organization.

“We are delighted to be working with Signavio as a Premier technology alliance partner. The simple fact is that, without end to end visibility and insight into business workflows, true transformation is not even achievable, let alone measurable. Signavio creates the right foundations for accelerated and sustained transformation,” says Peter Walker, CTO EMEA at Blue Prism.

Discover, Design & Deploy with Success

The benefits of RPA to businesses are clear, but a successful automation approach relies on process intelligence. Process intelligence removes the guesswork from large scale RPA deployment, while analyzing and monitoring impact and building collaboration offer the best possible return on automation investments. “Together, we’re fixing the disconnect between operational processes and the customer journey, so businesses can start delivering experiences that delight”, says Mark Holenstein, Chief Operating Officer at Signavio.

Mark Law, Vice President, Global Alliances at Signavio continues: “This collaboration between Signavio and Blue Prism reflects the key role that process intelligence plays in effective automation at scale, and will help organizations globally to ensure that digital transformation delivers on its promise.”

How the Integration Works

Blue Prism’s digital workforce can be registered in Signavio Dictionary and then linked directly to business process models, with visibility into where they are deployed and how to evaluate opportunities to scale. Users can curate the process landscape and analyze actual process execution data for detailed, interactive insights into performance. By learning how processes operate before and after automation, it’s possible to quickly quantify the value and impact of an automation strategy, demonstrating improvements and real business value.

Signavio highlights where digital workers can best help, improving underlying processes and enabling human workers and robots to work in perfect harmony. This collaborative approach grants the best possible return on intelligent automation investments, especially as businesses look to scale across the organization.

Signavio World

Blue Prism is also sponsoring Signavio World 2020 from 17th – 19th November, a leading digital transformation summit with keynotes, workshops and strategy breakout sessions designed to unlock the business excellence requires for rapid success in this new digital decade. Session topics include OpEx deployment, customer excellence, cloud & mining and business excellence. To join global decision makers at this virtual summit, register here:

Signavio & Blue Prism

Signavio and Blue Prism deliver the right methodology, infrastructure and confidence needed to speed digital transformation. An integrated, end-to-end solution saves time and money, using best-in-class tools to assess and prioritize projects and real business data to simulate and optimize successful deployment.