Article by Dr. Gero Decker in German magazine Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management

The latest issue of Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management (WuM) will feature the article, “Managing Organizational Processes with little-to-no IT Involvement” by Dr. Rainer Feldbrügge and Signavio’s Co-CEO, Dr. Gero Decker.

WuM articles cover the latest scientific research in computer science and business management. This issue will be especially notable since it includes Dr. Decker’s & Dr. Feldbrügge’s article on workflow management. The two discuss the “Grassroots Workflow” — a new concept for rapid implementation of workflow in enterprises, and one that Tom Baeyens incorporates into his most recent development.

Baeyens, inventor of the BPM systems jBPM® and Acitiviti®, has launched the workflow automation tool Effektif. This tool allows business users to independently capture processes, and initiate workflow from their browser. It defies conventional necessities of IT support for managing complex workflow engines, and replaces them with a simple collaborative email system support.

Please download the full article (only available in German) by Dr. Gero Decker and Dr. Rainer Feldbrügge in Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management.