Process Performance

Improving Process Performance

A holistic view of your business’ operations, interrelationships and dependencies is an achievement in itself – but the real value comes from what you do with the insights gained. Once the As-is is established, release the full potential for optimizing business process performance in your operations!

Signavio Process Editor makes transparently documenting your business processes, identifying opportunities for improvement, and implementation of changes simple, quick and easy.

The reasons why businesses would want to engage in process improvement have been repeated exhaustively:

  • increasing process performance,
  • reducing costs,
  • taking advantage of new markets, opportunities, and technologies

all to achieve the ultimate success – phenomenal, consistent customer satisfaction.

Regular training is key to optimizing your athletic performance, like the width of your long jump for example – and the activities required to consistently improve your business processes over time, and reach better process performance are no different. Process improvement has to be seen as a continuous process to optimize your business operations, not only short-term but also long-term.

Signavio: Synonymous with Performance

The Signavio Process Editor goes far beyond just a modeling and management tool. The Signavio team and tool portfolio partner with you at each step in your continuous process improvement initiative, bringing a host of benefits to meet the requirements of both business and IT users:

  • Leverage the knowledge of everyone in the team and involve them in your process improvement project. The Process Editor makes engaging the people carrying out the process work in your organization, and gathering their invaluable feedback as easy as using social media.
  • Gain insights into cycle and process costs, times, resource consumption and bottlenecks. These insights can then be used as inputs into process improvement projects, meaning lower analysis costs, and improved responsiveness.
  • Having all your information in one location makes the management of process change, and its communication, easy.

With Signavio at your side, you are well positioned to systematically improve your business and process performance, all the while boosting your organization’s transparency and your people’s engagement.

If you’d like to see an example of how T-Systems, a global IT and Consulting organization used Signavio and BPM to improve their process performance, check out this case study, then give Signavio a try free for 30 days!

Well defined processes and full support of your team are two core factors of success for optimizing your performance effectively. Check out how T-Systems MMS improved their processes using Signavio.

Case study

Sherwin Towfighian, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
We could improve and accelerate our CIP after connecting all participants.