How to Radically Speed up Your SAP ERP Transformation Project


Discover how to take your SAP ERP transformation journey to a new level! SAP Signavio solutions can help you eliminate uncertainties and find relevant answers in a speedy, data-driven way, so you can focus on true value realization throughout your transformation.


What to expect

In this webcast, we will discover how our new plug and gain approach can reduce complexity, mitigate risks, and save costs while accelerating your transformation project in all three phases: prepare, deploy and run.

With a focus on fast value realization throughout your business transformation, you will know how to better run and transform your SAP ERP business processes within hours, not weeks or months, by eliminating uncertainties and getting relevant answers in a speedy, data-driven way.

Why attend?

  • Learn how fast time-to-insights and fast time-to-adapt can work for your organization, as well as how to become more agile while digitizing your transformation project in parallel

  • Hear how the data- and value-driven plug and gain approach can help you speed up your transformation preparation and deployment from months to hours

  • Understand how the plug and gain approach can help drive the business value of your ERP transformation

Register now and get one step closer to unlocking real value, streamlining business processes, serving your customers better, and standardizing your IT landscape along your way with our new and unique plug and gain approach. 

About the speakers

Wassilios Lolas

Wassilios Lolas, Global Vice President, Market Impact, SAP Signavio

Wassilios leads the Center of Excellence (CoE) globally for SAP Signavio, a powerful, integrated platform that helps organisations to quickly realign their operations and bring changes to life at an accelerated rate. Prior to his current role Wassilios was leading the customer value experience team in SAP, which helped decision makers understand how to best use the SAP portfolio to achieve their business goals. He joined SAP in 2008 as executive assistant to the COO and executive board member, and subsequently led major transformation programs within SAP.

Andreas Breitrueck, Chief Architect, Product & Engineering, SAP Signavio

Andreas is a chief architect in SAP Signavio’s Value Accelerator Delivery Team. Together with a diverse team of process experts, he was bringing SAP’s ground breaking ‘Plug and Gain’ approach from idea stage in November 2022 to market readiness with the launch at SAP Sapphire in May 2023.

Prior to rejoining SAP, he was developing AI based assistants to automate cognitive tasks

At a Glance:


Webcast: How to Radically Speed up Your SAP ERP Transformation Project



How long

45 minutes + Q&A


Wassilios Lolas, SAP Signavio & Andreas Breitrueck, SAP Signavio


Live online