Unlock the Keys to Process Optimization with SAP Signavio


Join us in this webcast to learn how multiple companies used a repeatable, reusable strategy to deliver operational excellence through the consolidation and transformation of their businesses.

Deliver Operational Excellence While Transforming Your Business

Discover how the same repeatable, reusable strategy was employed at a worldwide entertainment company, at a global apparel company, and at a domestic construction company to deliver operational excellence through the consolidation and transformation of their businesses.  Understand the necessity and power of ‘up-front’ discovery to create the roadmap for operational excellence using SAP Signavio to visually depict an organization’s core capabilities and the corresponding organizational landscape and technical architecture.  Hear firsthand accounts of how this strategy was employed to enable organizations to retain internal ownership of their SAP implementation, leverage their system integrators and SAP’s bench strength and expertise while holding themselves responsible for the design, build, acceptance, and overall ownership of the SAP program. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Business processes drive business outcomes and goals.  Processes are constantly happening within all areas of an organization and at all levels.  
  • A lack of understanding, visibility, and governance impacts an organization’s ability to:
    • Deliver on organizational strategic initiatives
    • Limits the ability to be agile in response to market changes
    • Understand and breakdown organizational silos – whether that is across business units or between the Business & IT
  • Establishing a foundational process-centric strategy, including Business Process Management and Process Governance, enables organizations to have more control and ownership over the management of large-scale SAP implementations.
  • No matter where an organization is in their SAP implementation journey, understanding their process architecture is critical to their SAP program’s success from organizational change management to the technical deployment.

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About the speakers

Nicholas Quattrocchi is an Executive Business Process Management & Program Consultant for IMPRIVA with deep experience in Process Management, Process Governance, Program/Project Management, Process Improvement & Operational Excellence, SAFe Agile Delivery, and Leading High-Performing teams.

Nick has experience leading and consulting on large scale SAP transformation projects having worked for IBM, Software AG (IDS Scheer), and Accenture.  Nick has also led process and IT transformation programs across a variety of industries and organizations using the same repeatable process-centric approach.

Tammy Amirault is a Global SAP Implementation Lead, C level Trusted Adviser driving initiatives across multiple IT functions. Led multicultural/ global teams, business transformations efforts & $100mm SAP projects. Negotiated on/offshore outsourcing engagements, Certified Organizational Change Management Lead, Proven Release Management Strategy with PMP certification. Known for instituting large scale Project Governance & Project Leadership programs.

Tammy has run large scale global SAP implementation projects with Warner Brothers, Levis Strauss & Co. and most recently Southwest Airlines.

Jean-Patrick (JP) Ascenci works as an Ecosystem Evangelist for SAP Signavio. In his role, he develops integrated solutions by following the "1+1=3" approach. As a Principal Solution Architect, JP strives to connect the dots between technology and methodology to deliver actionable and sustainable solutions. Over the past 18 years, he has worn a variety of hats including Consulting, Solution Engineering, Country Manager to Alliance Director. JP's global experience in Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture is now directed to support SAP Business Process Intelligence in leveraging the best value from the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite and its associated valuable ecosystem. His mission: "From seamless Transformation to Operational Excellence".

At a Glance:


Webinar: Unlock the Keys to Optimization with SAP Signavio


April 13th 2022
1:00 pm EST

How long

45 minutes + Q&A


Nicholas Quattrocchi,Executive Business Process Management & Program Consultant, IMPRIVA; Tammy Amirault, Global SAP Implementation Lead, IMPRIVA; Jean-Patrick Ascenci, Ecosystem Evangelist, Signavio