SAP Signavio Process Insights: How to streamline your processes for your S/4HANA transformation project

July 26th 2022

Whether it is due to internal or external factors, we understand that any transformation project will face challenges. If your goal is to transform your organization to better align with your business objectives, then understanding your process landscape plays a crucial role. Let's discover how you can use these insights to ensure the success of your SAP S/4HANA transformation.

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Dirk Jendroska, the product manager for SAP Signavio Process Insights, will give you concrete recommendations on how to approach your S/4 HANA transformation initiative, how SAP Signavio can help you deliver value even before embarking on your project and share a few real-world examples of how we have helped organizations throughout their entire journey, from start to finish.

We will answer the following questions in this webcast:

  • We've experienced unprecedented changes in global supply chains - Why should companies focus on transformation right now?
  • What solutions companies are currently using to solve these challenges?
  • What role does a company's existing process landscape play in overcoming the challenges faced during transformation projects?
  • What should you look for when selecting the right solution? 

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There will be an opportunity to ask questions and interact with our experts during the live session, however if you are stretched for time or unable to join us, simply complete the registration and we'll send you a recording afterwards with the option to book a 1:1 discussion slot.

About the speaker

Dirk Jendroska

Dr. Dirk Jendroska is the Product Manager of SAP Signavio Process Insights. His core focus is guiding SAP customers to find the fastest route to process excellence.

During his extensive career at SAP, he has held various positions incl. Head of Strategy and Operations for Machine Learning at SAP and Manager of SAP’s innovation portfolio and has been the driving force behind several process improvement projects during his time at SAP Business Transformation Services and management consultancy, McKinsey & Company.

He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Muenster.