Why combining Journeys with Processes can be a Game Changer for your Customer Experience

Join this webcast to learn more about Journey-to-Process and how it helps you understand, improve, and transform your customer experience, featuring a real-world example of how SAP Product Support uses SAP Signavio solutions.

The most successful organisations consistently deliver experiences that delight customers, employees, and suppliers. In turn, the experiences an organisation provides are deeply connected to how it actually operates.

Using Journey-to-Process, you can improve organisational decision-making and build strong, lasting relationships with customers, by identifying exactly how experiences and processes are related.

Motivated by a relentless pursuit of excellence, SAP consistently works to find new ways to pinpoint areas of success and unearth potential for further enhancement. With this spirit in mind, in late 2022 SAP Product Support and SAP Signavio joined forces to investigate and improve key processes using Journey-to-Process Analytics.

In this webcast you will discover how SAP Signavio solutions help SAP Product Support to find actionable insights from the combination of their web analytics and customer survey data.

Topics in Focus

  • What the novel approach called Journey-to-Process Analytics means for customer-oriented organisations

  • How SAP Support embraces SAP Signavio solutions including Journey-to-Process to push the boundaries of process-led customer satisfaction improvements

  • How any customer-oriented organisational unit can learn from the experiences SAP Product Support had as a customer of SAP Signavio solutions

About SAP Product Support

SAP Product Support provides SAP customers with an award-winning support experience. With its Real-Time Support offerings SAP Support Portal and SAP for Me, SAP is taking the enterprise support experience above and beyond industry standards. SAP Product Support strives to resolve cases fast, conveniently and to the customer’s fullest satisfaction.

About the Speakers

Mike Griffiths

Mike Griffiths is Head of Technology and Transformation in SAP Product Support: Digital Core & Platform, responsible for driving innovation aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing effort for both our customers and our SAP Product Support employees, delivering a proactive and preventative support experience for SAP products. Mike joined SAP in 2006 and has spent all of his SAP journey within various support roles. Mike is based in the UK.

Manuel Meindl

Manuel Meindl is a Senior Product Lead for SAP Signavio Journey to Process within the Product Management and Strategy group at SAP Signavio. With almost three years of experience in the company and over seven years in the domain of process mining, he has a deep understanding of the industry and is passionate about driving innovation and growth for not only his products, but for the company as a whole.