Webcast: Proving the Value of Moving to S/4HANA – Before you Move


Business leaders need more than just business cases and plans to overcome concerns associated with an ERP upgrade.

Learn How to Mitigate Risks and Ensure Benefits

When it comes to upgrading an ERP, there are always questions and concerns:

  • What is the risk to the business during and after the change?
  • Will the benefits be realized once the change is complete?
  • How do we make the new ERP support the unique aspects of our business?

Business leaders need more than just business cases and plans to overcome these concerns. They need a demonstration of how the risks will be mitigated and benefits ensured that are specific to their business. SAP Signavio can do just that through a ‘proof of concept’ using actual processes from the business and engaging those leaders who need to be convinced.

Join us in the first in a series of Business Process Intelligence webcasts where we will:

  • Explain how SAP Signavio helps select appropriate processes for the ‘proof of concept’ to ensure success
  • Demonstrate how SAP Signavio engages leaders in a proof of concept so that they will be convinced of the case for change
  • Run a live demonstration of SAP Signavio tools involved

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About the speakers

Chris Collins is Chairman of i-Realise and specializes in business transformation. Chris was the originator of the i-Realise business transformation approach which originated in a strong desire to maximize the benefits companies get from automation and information systems. Before the phrase 'process reengineering' had been coined, Chris was drawing up business processes on huge sheets of brown paper! Since then, Chris has been combining structured analysis with change management and coaching people from C-Level to the shop floor through business transformation. His current drive is to bring Agile thinking into the realm of transformation to de-risk projects and make them more relevant to current challenges.

Jean-Patrick (JP) Ascenci works as an Ecosystem Evangelist for SAP Signavio. In his role, he develops integrated solutions by following the "1+1=3" approach. As a Principal Solution Architect, JP strives to connect the dots between technology and methodology to deliver actionable and sustainable solutions. Over the past 18 years, he has worn a variety of hats including Consulting, Solution Engineering, Country Manager to Alliance Director. JP's global experience in Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture is now directed to support SAP Business Process Intelligence in leveraging the best value from the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite and its associated valuable ecosystem. His mission: "From seamless Transformation to Operational Excellence".

At a Glance:


Webcast - Proving the Value of Moving to S/4HANA – Before you Move


June 23rd, 2022 11:00 a.m. EST

How long

45 minutes + Q&A


Chris Collins, Chairman of i-Realise; Jean-Patrick Ascenci, Ecosystem Evangelist, SAP Signavio


Live online