Operational Excellence through Process-led Digital Transformation


Value-driven business process management (BPM) delivers successful digital transformation initiatives with measurable results.

Process-led Digital Transformation at a Major Technology Company

A major global technology company had launched a major digital transformation initiative to move their operational excellence to the next level.  The discipline of value-driven business process management (BPM) became a major enabler resulting in successful digital transformation initiatives with measurable results.

This webcast explains the role of process management in digital transformation initiatives, using the technology company as a case example.

Expect to come away with a great understanding of:

  • How can business process management bring value to digital transformations
  • How a process-led digital transformation results in operational excellence
  • How to sustain the transformation results

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About the speakers

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer is the Managing Director and Co-CEO, BPM-D. He is an Affiliated Faculty, Program for Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Kirchmer is an experienced practitioner and thought leader in the field of Digital Transformation and Business Process Management (BPM) and Digital Transformation. He co-founded BPM-D, a consulting company focusing on value-driven process management and process-led digital transformation, enabling operational excellence and superior customer experience. Previously, he was Managing Director  and Global Lead of BPM at Accenture, and CEO of the Americas and Japan of IDS Scheer.

Dr. Kirchmer has led numerous transformation and process improvement initiatives and has worked with hundreds of clients in technology, financial, health, consumer goods and manufacturing industries. He has published 11 books and over 150 articles. He is affiliated faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and Widener University. He has received a research and teaching fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Jean-Patrick (JP) Ascenci works as an Ecosystem Evangelist for SAP Signavio. In his role, he develops integrated solutions by following the "1+1=3" approach. As a Principal Solution Architect, JP strives to connect the dots between technology and methodology to deliver actionable and sustainable solutions. Over the past 18 years, he has worn a variety of hats including Consulting, Solution Engineering, Country Manager to Alliance Director. JP's global experience in Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture is now directed to support SAP Business Process Intelligence in leveraging the best value from the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite and its associated valuable ecosystem. His mission: "From seamless Transformation to Operational Excellence".

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Webinar: Operational Excellence through Process-led Digital Transformation


April 20th 2022
11:00 am EST

How long

45 minutes + Q&A


Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Co-CEO, BPM-D; Jean-Patrick Ascenci, Ecosystem Evangelist, Signavio