Signavio is bringing the lessons of Business Transformation to the South coast of England

Are you tired of letting business opportunities slip through to the keeper because your organizational processes can’t keep up with demand? If you want to start putting more runs on the board, business transformation is the key.

To find out more, join Signavio at the Ageas Bowl on July 16th for an exclusive event showcasing the positive impact business transformation and process management techniques have had on organizations just like yours. It’s our first UK event outside of London, too!

Featuring a keynote presentation from Stuart Wilson, Process Architecture Lead at Ageas, this event will equip you with the knowledge you need to:

  • banish clumsy spreadsheets
  • move from simple process mapping towards process modeling
  • start unlocking the real power of process within your business

You’ll be bowled over by the difference effective process management can have on the way you work, from highlighting waste and reducing inefficiencies, to process optimization, and using automation to eliminate errors and speed up your operations. Plus, you’ll hear about how customer journey mapping can help you really knock your customers’ expectations for six.

Of course, in addition to learning why business transformation is the best way to keep pace with digital-savvy customers, you’ll have a perfect view of the County Championship cricket match between Hampshire and Kent.

Don’t get caught out, register now, as places are strictly limited!

If you have any questions prior to the event, please email us at