Accelerate your Transformation Journey with SAP Signavio


Join us to gain exclusive insights from SAP Signavio experts and SAP Signavio customer, Islamic Development Bank, on leveraging SAP Signavio-powered technology for successful business process transformation.

Key Takeaways

The desire to significantly improve efficiency and profitability drives any transformation effort. Using the right tools and innovations can future proof your organization, and it all starts with your business processes.

In this ever-changing climate, organizations do not have the flexibility, time, or resources to start their transformation journeys from scratch. Instead, they need to utilize the latest industry best practices to mitigate project risksdisseminate knowledge inside its own walls, and foster a learning culture to help drive transformation from within.

Why attend?

In this 90-minute webcast, you will hear firsthand from Islamic Development Bank on how they managed to create a single source of truth for process transparency with the goal of ensuring organization-wide business process management adoption, and improving overall efficiency and performance.

Furthermore, our in-house expert will shed light on the latest technologies and innovations in the world of business process management and how Generative AI will further enhance the capabilities of SAP Signavio.

You will also discover:

  • How to set your priorities in your process transformation journey
  • Reduce operating cost, material consumption, and production lead times
  • Increase efficiency and speed of delivering your goods and services
  • Improve quality of your goods, services, and customer experiences

About the speakers

Anis Ben Khedher

Anis Ben Khedher, Operations Governance & Oversight Expert, Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)

Anis Ben Khedher has served in different capacities at the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) since 2014. Most recently, he was assigned as the Operations Governance & Oversight Expert at the Operations Complex. Previously he served as a Senior Information Solutions Specialist at the Islamic Development Bank Institute (IsDBI). Prior to joining IsDB, Anis was an Assistant Professor in Information Technology at University Lumiere, Lyon, France.

Yasser Saber Mohamed, Presales Senior Specialist, SAP Signavio

Yasser is a Presales Senior Specialist with more than 15 years of hands-on experience in business innovations and emerging technologies.

With SAP Signavio, Yasser's support businesses to make informed decisions and enable enterprises to achieve sustainable prosperity through the use of AI, Process Intelligence and Process Innovation.