With our approach to open innovation and collaboration in mind, Signavio and Cisco Systems® joined forces to create the ArchiMate stencil set found in our enterprise architecture solution. The result of this collaboration is also available online as an open source project. Signavio’s ArchiMate modeler allows enterprise architects to build a modular and reusable architecture repository to get more work done faster and with better results.


This cloud-based ArchiMate platform is powered by the same technology developed by Signavio and used by hundreds of leading organizations worldwide to model their business processes with BPMN 2.0. Just as BPMN 2.0 is the international standard for process modeling, ArchiMate is the standard for EA modeling. The ArchiMate standard is maintained by The Open Group and aligned with the TOGAF® architecture content metamodel. Supporting both EA and BPM within the same modeling tool improves both architecture models by increasing visibility, ultimately bringing the business functions and IT together.

EA and BPM for a maximum success

Our BPM tool helps keep the EA model maintained by IT in sync with the process landscape modeled by the business process owners since the tool supports both ArchiMate® and BPMN. Signavio’s ArchiMate solution provides an easy-to-use platform for a truly collaborative EA modeling experience. Register now to be one step closer to a more agile enterprise!


Enterprise Architecture Modeling with ArchiMate®

  • Enterprise Architecture Modeling with ArchiMate®
  • Bring Business & IT Together
  • Improve Effectiveness, Efficiency, Agility, and Durability
  • Prove EA Business Value
  • Shorten EA Projects From Months to Days
  • Combine BPM & EA to Efficiently Implement Changes


  • 30 Day free EA Modeling + BPM Trial
  • Fully Supports ArchiMate 3.0® & TOGAF Compliant
  • Cloud-based, No Client-side Software
  • ArchiSurance Reference Model






Combine BPM and EA

The open standards Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) significantly improve the levels of communication and coherency in businesses. However if business architects or the people working in IT try to use two different incompatible modeling standards to tackle these issues, they are almost destined to fail. However, with a combined tool that supports both ArchiMate® and BPMN, you can synchronise your Enterprise Architecture with BPMN process landscapes. Our collaborative modeling tool for EA and BPMN 2.0 promotes agility in your business and provides you with a solution that allows you to react fast, should any problems or disruptions occur.

Use Archimate® for your Enterprise Architecture

Signavio is an advocate for open standards and has therefore developed a BPM tool that also supports an internationally accepted modeling language. As a companion to BPMN 2.0, the modeling standard for business processes, Archimate® from Signavio also supports the current EA standard. The ArchiMate® Standard has been approved by The Open Group and is a part of TOGAF framework (TOGAF®), which provides a basis for the drafting, planning, implementation and maintenance of business architectures.

ArchiMate® is a widely used graphical EA modeling language, that has been specially developed for enterprise architects. It makes it possible for the structural levels of a business to be modeled in detail - IT systems and services included. That’s why it has been rated so highly; it allows you to design and manage your business processes without things getting too complicated.

Develop more efficient EA projects

With Signavio’s software solution you can even share project developments with people who don’t possess a license for the client software. Do you want to learn more about ArchiMate® and start modeling your IT landscapes now? You can try out our software for free first - it’s available as an EA trial package as part of our SAP Signavio Process Manager. All Signavio customers automatically receive ArchiMate® as a standard component of the SAP Signavio Process Manager.