Enterprise Architecture with ArchiMate® 3.0

Adopting a common platform for Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management brings business and IT together to create a more agile enterprise. Signavio bridges the gap between IT staff and business stakeholders with its ArchiMate 3.0® EA modeling solution.

With our approach to open innovation and collaboration in mind, Signavio and Cisco Systems® joined forces to create the ArchiMate stencil set found in our enterprise architecture solution. The result of this collaboration is also available online as an open source project. Signavio’s ArchiMate modeler allows enterprise architects to build a modular and reusable architecture repository to get more work done faster and with better results.


This cloud-based ArchiMate platform is powered by the same technology developed by Signavio and used by hundreds of leading organizations worldwide to model their business processes with BPMN 2.0. Just as BPMN 2.0 is the international standard for process modeling, ArchiMate is the standard for EA modeling. The ArchiMate standard is maintained by The Open Group and aligned with the TOGAF® architecture content metamodel. Supporting both EA and BPM within the same modeling tool improves both architecture models by increasing visibility, ultimately bringing the business functions and IT together.

EA and BPM for a maximum success

Our BPM tool helps keep the EA model maintained by IT in sync with the process landscape modeled by the business process owners since the tool supports both ArchiMate® and BPMN. Signavio’s ArchiMate solution provides an easy-to-use platform for a truly collaborative EA modeling experience. Register now to be one step closer to a more agile enterprise!