An Alternative to Visio: Getting Started with SAP Signavio BPM

It’s tempting when selecting a BPM solution to choose one just because it is well-known. But leaders of process projects shortly realize that convenience does not necessarily equal success. Analysts and process owners who want to deliver the most value to their organizations know that BPM goes way beyond drawing flowcharts. They need a BPM platform offering robust technical functionalities with easy usability. One that can incorporate decision logic and have its models translated into an executable workflow. One that promotes company-wide collaboration and process-based thinking. They need a platform like Signavio.

Take your Business Process Management to the next level.

It all starts with SAP Signavio Process Manager, our best-in-class modeling tool. Seamless integration with our other solutions SAP Signavio Process Governance, and SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, makes models built in Process Manager more than just drawings. This turns them into powerful workflows that can be executed consistently and compliantly in accordance with optimized processes. Having your future state processes mapped out is one thing - being able to rapidly initiate them throughout your organization is what really separates successful improvement projects.

When it comes strictly to modeling, SAP Signavio Process Manager also shines. It was designed since Day One for users of any expertise level, with key features such as:

  • An integrated Collaboration Hub to encourage commenting and knowledge-sharing
  • Modeling guidelines that ensure the readability and coherence of models
  • Simulation to analyze costs and runtimes
  • Approval workflows for process governance
  • Process architecture modeling support helping to bridge the gap between IT staff and business stakeholders
  • Reusable subprocesses to reduce repetitive modeling efforts

SAP Signavio Process Manager also has the most intuitive modeling interface on the market thanks in large part to the QuickModel (seen below). Its spreadsheet-like entry fields allow you to document processes within minutes. Simply fill out the table with start and end events, supporting documents, assigned roles, and process steps, and the QuickModel simultaneously generates a process model in BPMN 2.0 standard.

Screenshot Signavio QuickModel

After you’ve rapidly established this base, you can take advantage of Signavio’s extensive drag-and-drop library of modeling shapes for customization. SAP Signavio Process Manager is the BPM tool business users have been waiting for - one that makes things easy while maintaining technical depth.  In this way, it is really more than a Visio alternative.

Process Management is critical to organizational success, and it requires a serious evaluation and comparison of tools. See the SAP Signavio difference for yourself by testing out the entire SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite free for 30 days.

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