Task Distribution in Teams

Service organizations, such as customer support teams, deliver high quality by providing a consistent and predictable service to their customers. This applies just as much to internal HR departments that serve individual employees, as to IT services that internal business units rely on.

Facing the Challenges of a growing team

When service organizations engage in task distribution to increase capacity and manage risk, they face two key challenges as the organization grows.

  • Costs escalate as additional coordination expenditure between team members make larger teams less efficient, with diminishing returns for increasing team size.
  • Service delivery performance drops dramatically due to coordination delays.

Workflow automation addresses these issues by making it easier to coordinate a shared case workload. A Workflow Management platform gives you tools to coordinate task assignments and deadlines. Good workflow tools have intuitive web-based user interfaces that allow you to get started without the hassle of software installation or the need for special training.

Improving service delivery performance with collaborative workflow and task distribution

You can use collaborative workflow automation to manage a service delivery workload by:

  • using candidate groups to let team members see what they can work on
  • using email notifications to reduce handover times
  • configuring due dates and reminders to improve performance
  • configuring automatic escalations to reassign abandoned tasks
  • viewing case and task overviews that show who’s working on what.

This kind of sophisticated collaboration functionality is built in to Workflow Management systems. You can configure these automatic assignments and notifications for each business process according to your needs, without requiring custom software development or external consultants. The bottom line for service organizations that implement Workflow Management is better service delivery and lower costs. Workflow Management systems help teams deliver quality by providing a more consistent service, and save time by automating task handovers and notifications. Check out Signavio Process Governance to get started with Workflow Management today. Visit workflow.signavio.com/try for sign up for your free 30 day trial.

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